Great idea Waterproofing is solution for roof leaks

Good idea Waterproofing is solution for roof leaks[Image via :]

For those of you that have the problem of leaks in the roof, waterproofing can be the solution. Now, various color options waterproofing. Leaky roof often occurred during the rainy season. You certainly become frustrated if the matter is not resolved soon. Many other problems arise due to leaking from the roof, ceiling broken, faulty electronics, interior wood furniture is damaged, corrupted, even you slip on the floor. Before you use a waterproofing, then you should first know the source of the leaking. If the leaking is too severe, then do not directly use the waterproofing. Clamp the leak with cement used to be, and if it is dry then please use waterproofing.

Before using a waterproofing, you should first recognize the waterproofing of its kind that is shaped elastic, cement and membrane.

1. Waterproofing liquid elastic material
This type is the most widely sold. Liquid shape and the way the application is the same as paint the walls. If you are using this type, once you’ve slathered on a leaky area then the waterproofing will dry up and form a layer of elastic like rubber. This type can be combined with fiber. This is the kind of excess applies to all types of surface buildings. Another advantage of this type of waterproofing is elastic, resistant to UV and weather resistant. The downside of this type of layer is its elasticity will be lost over time or have already missed her period expired or about 2 years. Waterproofing of this type are very suitable for nok, roofing pieces. You need to know the time has expired, the waterproofing is usually around 2 years. That’s some explanation about waterproofing liquid elastic material.

2. Waterproofing cement
Waterproofing of this type consists of two components, namely cement-based powder and liquid. Keep in mind, this type of waterproofing is only applied on the surface of cement containing such a concrete deck. Waterproofing of this type can be used on the surface of the submerged water, such as swimming pool, basement flooring or bathroom floor, interesting is not it?. To you notice, these types do not reduce the rate of cement and water. If it is too dense, then its alloy could not shut down the leaking well. On the contrary, if it is too liquid, then the deterrent function of the leak will be gone. This type of waterproofing sreed protection, because it cannot be exposed to the weather. That’s some explanation about the cement-based waterproofing.

3. Waterproofing Membrane material
What is a membrane made of?. Here’s some explanation, this type of waterproofing membrane-shaped around a 5 mm made of fiber amplifier and a layer of bitumen. This type has a good resistance if the layer of the membrane is not torn or exposed to sharp objects. The weakness of this type is the application that is difficult, it is necessary for application experts. This type is good for nok or wall.

You need to notice is the waterproofing deployment. If there are cracks or the structure of the surface of the wall, floor or roof, then you have to fix that first. Check there are no mushrooms or on a surface that will be given waterproofing. If there is, then you have to clean it. Clean the surface in detail before you will use waterproofing. Once clean and free of mold, then you could use a waterproofing with a roll or brush. Wait for about 30 minutes, then do waterproofing again in the same place. You need to pay attention to, the direction of the first and second waterproofing must be opposite to the vertically and horizontally. After it is dry it one day. That’s some explanation for waterproofing deployment.

Note the time to deployment waterproofing. If the leaking occurs the night, then do not direct waterproofing wear on tomorrow the next day. You should make sure the leaking area must be in a dry condition. Wait for the leak last dry at least one day in advance. Cover the area with plastic wrap if it leaked today it was raining all day long. That’s the last few explanations about waterproofing, may be useful.

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