Beautiful wall sitting room painting design ideas

wall sitting room painting design ideas with white color and stripe pillows also comfort rug

Do you need inspiration for wall sitting room painting design ideas to improve your sitting room look? Wall paintings design for sitting room is an economical option for you to decorate the room. You can match and mix with your furniture color and create a focal point in your wall with perfect painting to apply in the sitting room.

The sitting room paint ideas

Here are some attractive paint ideas for a sitting room that you can choose.

•    High contrast neutral. For a modern and minimalist look, this high contrast look is best to apply. This contrasting look will prevent boring feel in the sitting room. The key to creating this look is by corporate the neutrals in an eye-catching manner with contrast. For example, in the urban sitting room, you can combine the creamy white brick walls with black to create a dynamic look.

•    Deep combo. Hit the great color combination from white and deep navy color. The deep navy paint in the sitting room look to contrast with the white walls and also lead attention to the architecture.

•    Warm and earthy calm. Gray is alternative sitting room paint that popular and good for execution to do in any home décor and theme. If you want to corporate these earthy and warm color, then you can try to try milky gray walls accent with mustard yellow that creates a stylish and warm look.

•    The pretty pastel. What makes more feel calm than pastel infused sitting room? The combination from crisp white wall provides a blank canvas for large striking colors of blue and pink.

•    Bright colored. While you are passionate and cheer people, then this brightly colored sitting room can be a great idea for you. A colorful sitting room painting design can make enhanced the atmosphere in the room.

Tips to choose the painting color

Paint comes into various of sheen available to choose that made to fit with customer taste and style. Here is a guide to help you choose the best paint for your sitting room.

  • If you want sitting room wall as stronger backdrop shades to furniture, rugs and other house décor and accessories, then choose white and shade off-white and cream as the best color option.
  • The neutral grey is still a favorite especially for a homey atmosphere. It is easy layering grey color with other grey tones in the room or accent with the vibrant color.
  • The other favorite color is blue with ranging shades of relaxing ocean tones to the sophisticated blue deep navy.

Get more ideas of sitting room painting design that will enhance your sitting room and make you feel warm and make it a favorite place to gathering with your family.

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