Simple Wall Painting Designs Pictures for Living Room to Inspire You

woman face painting on wall for living room decor

Looking at wall painting designs pictures for living room can clearly help you out. It is important indeed to decorate a living room properly. The wall of the living room needs to be decorated as well. One of the best ways to decorate the wall of the living room is by hanging some paintings on the wall. However, the paintings cannot be selected randomly. To help you out, below are some amazing pictures of wall paintings for living room. By looking at these wall painting designs pictures for living room, surely you will get inspired to decorate your living room with ease.

1.     DIY Wall Paintings for Modern Living Room

Some of the paintings shown in the pictures are made by the owner of the house. It means the owner of the house does not buy framed paintings from home decor stores. Instead, they probably prepare a canvas and start making paintings on their own. Making paintings for living room decoration is actually quite easy, more fun, and more personal. Even when you do not have the “talent” to paint, there are many ways to create great paintings, without having to actually paint, say for example, hand-print paintings, paint-splash paintings, and so on.

2.     Wall Paintings Matching with the Theme of Living Room

If you have particular theme for the living room, it will be very nice if you hang paintings on the wall that relate to the theme. Say for example, if you have vintage-themed living room, with more shabby-chic influence, you can hang flower paintings on the wall. Or, if you have a living room with safari theme, of course, some paintings of wild animals on the savannah will be a great decoration for the wall.

3.     “Common” Wall Paintings for Simpler Living Room Designs

If you do not want to go crazy on the decoration and want to keep the living room simple. You can always use “common” wall paintings. The term common here means that the paintings of a man, a dog, a scenery of rice field or hills will be nice for the living room. As long as you choose great paintings, the living room will look great as well.

Those are some of the excellent pictures of wall painting designs for your living room. You can choose which one is the best and take that as an inspiration. Those wall painting designs pictures for living room can even be made on your own. So, you can get as creative as possible and make your living room lovelier.

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