Wall Painting For Bedroom Ideas

modern bedroom with wood furniture

Color has a capability to affect our mood, do you believe? Here, there is a theory about color psychology which is made by a well known psychotherapist, Carl Jung. From that theory, we can consider that the right bedroom paint will make positive feeling. However, we need to know our taste and preference at first. That’s why, wall painting for bedroom is important.

Bedroom wall painting ideas

Because every person has its own taste and preference, there must be ideas of wall painting that can be chosen. But, we need to choose wall painting style which is matched with our style. Here, you can choose the best wall painting for you.

1. Stripes style

This wall painting idea is very simple, you only need to paint stripes on your bedroom walls. In this point, the colors that you can choose should be matched with basic color style of your bedroom. It doesn’t need to be vertical stripes. You can make horizontal stripes as well. If you want an improvement, you can paint stripes in a pattern.

2. Metallic paints

You may think that this kind of style will make your bedroom full of steels. But, no, it is not like that. The word of metallic we use is about painting style. This idea is suitable for a bedroom which has dark style. The use of metallic paints will make warm feeling and good light reflection to your bedroom. On the other hand, this idea will make your bedroom look bold and elegant.

3. Ceiling, it can be painted

If you want to make a different atmosphere, you can paint your ceiling as well – not only your bedroom walls. Here, when you want to sleep, you can see a beautiful display on the ceiling. As been described before that color can bring positive feeling, your will get a sleep well. The design is up yours, the point that we accentuate is you can get positive feeling.

4. Paint what you love

When it comes to this thing, you can paint your wall with what you want to paint. Of course, what you love is thing that we recommend here. What makes us happy when we can see what we love, right? That’s why, we say this is the most important thing in wall painting for bedroom. As long as it can give positive atmosphere, you can paint your bedroom walls with anything you love. Lastly, consider whether or not the color you choose can make a good harmony in your bedroom.

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