Wall Painting Designs for Bedroom: The Secret to Wake Up Happier

Floral wall decor bedroom and stripe bed also wooden ceiling decor

Are you looking for the best wall painting designs for bedroom? You are visiting the right page now. Not only can the following bedroom color ideas make your room look prettier, but they can also make you wake up happier every single morning.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian style bedroom usually uses warm and a little bit bright colors to decorate the room. The most popular colors used are reds, pinks, and oranges. In order to prevent the overwhelming dramatic hues, you can place soft colored pillows and bed sheet to bring the warmth to your bedroom. This bedroom idea is very suitable for you who have feminine characteristics.

Single Color Room

For you who love simplicity, the single color room might be the right choice that suits your personality. You can choose either cool and unique colors like aqua, apple green, sky blue, and cobalt, or warm colors like yellow, salmon, butter, tan, and creams. For your information, blue is considered as the most relaxing color. Therefore, if you want to get a calming and relaxing atmosphere inside your bedroom, try to paint it blue.

Two-tone Bedroom

If you are too bored with a single color painting, then you should try the two-tone painting to your bedroom walls. However, you have to think carefully what color combination works best with your personality and taste. The unique color combinations that will rock your room without making it feel too overwhelming are red and cream, pink and white, very soft blue and orange, soft pink and orange, mustard and emerald, purple and green, gray and blue, blue and purple, soft blue and red, etc. You can even combine three colors to make your bedroom more cheerful, but you have to make sure that the colors you choose can complement each other, like the combination of soft blue, soft green and orange .

Floral Design

Floral bedroom never lose its popularity as an alternative of wall painting designs for bedroom, since it can always be applied in any era, depending on the designs and colors. If rose pattern works best to enhance the vintage look of your room, purple-and-green-lilac pattern is very suitable to bring the elegance and spring breeze into your room.

bedroom with Pattern Design wall and brown bed

Pattern Design

It is, indeed, true that the simplest way to paint your walls is by applying a single solid coat of paint. With the right choice of color, you can transform your bedroom into a nice looking room. However, for those who want to go beyond the merely “nice”, they can try to paint a certain pattern into their walls. Some patterns that are suitable to decorate the bedrooms of those who love simplicity are harlequin (diamond), checkerboard, and stripes. Meanwhile, for those who want to try a more challenging and unique pattern, the color washing accent, polka dots, stencils, wall graphics, and brushed pearl accent are worth trying.

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