Cheap and Easy Wall Art Decor for Living Room

brown wooden chair near white wooden table with white cabinet on top also brick wall

Cheap and easy wall decoration for living room becomes an interesting thing for people nowadays. Having a small living room with remarkable wall decoration seems great.  A living room with small size should not look narrow in order to keep the comfort in the room. Therefore, you need to arrange the wall decoration with suitable combination that supports the room looks cozy. On the other hand, a big living room gives more spaces for you to create your own imagination and implement it to wall art. There are, of course, lots of things that you can do to beautify your wall in the living room. It does not need to be costly; you can use some cheap decoration or even create your own accessories to be attached on the wall. This article will give you some ideas how to make your living room look cozy and marvelous with wall art decoration.

  • Why Don’t You Try with Colored Pencils as Wall Art?

It is such a fantastic idea to play with colors. Have you ever thought that coloring pencils can be a good idea to décor your wall? You can actually use the concept of rainbow gradation. The concept is like an attached book shelf, only it is a pencil palette. You can set a palette in the size of, more or less, a cupboard. You can start to play with the gradation from the top part. Choose the light color first to be placed on the left side then follow it with darker colors to the right. However, you need to remind that the colors should be in the same tone in a row. Repeat it with the different color in the next row.

  • How about Wall with Paper Butterflies?

Butterflies are always colorful and beautiful. It may make you think that you want to keep them in your living room. You can make a wall art with some pieces of paper butterflies to be attached on your living room wall. However, you need to consider the color combination of the entire living room first. It is good if your living room is set with natural theme. Then, you can apply the colorful paper butterflies on the empty wall. On the other hand, if the living room is set in to black and white or even simpler, attaching one- colored paper butterflies is more excellent.

  • Painting is Always Nice, isn’t It?

Wall is always good to be decorated with paintings. You just need to mix and match the entire color of the room and attach a painting. Abstract painting is quite remarkable for simple design of living room, especially if the room does not contain too many colors. However, if your room is design with natural theme, you’d better put natural painting on the wall.

Those are some wall art decor ideas for living room that you can apply at home. Those ideas are cheap, simple, and easy to apply. Furthermore, those arts are unique and they may fit your living room with any sizes.

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