Ultimate Tips to Decorate a 10 by 12 Bedroom

decorate bedroom with hidden lighting and wall art

A 10 by 12 bedroom design is basically not too different than other bedroom designs. It is just that you only have a limited space to decorate and design, which some people find it a bit overwhelming. But we believe that we can always do anything to make a bedroom appears better and more beautiful as long as we know how to do and deal with it.

Choose subtle colors

Since a bedroom is supposed to be a personal getaway, it is important to make sure that you can also relax right after you step inside the room. Instead of choosing bold primary colors, you can alter it with soothing shades like monochromatic tones. You can utilize the color theory in this case especially when it comes to making a nice 10 by 12 bedroom design.

Do something with the ceiling

Do you realize that the ceiling is the thing you stare before you fall asleep? It is time for you to do and make something for your ceiling. Instead of letting it becomes white and monotone you can splash a lighter version of your wall color. If you want to be a bit creative then you can give wallpaper on it or stencil the ceiling.

Keep it simple

Regarding your preference, a bedroom is supposed to be simple and soothing. Make sure you have movement ease when you are in the bedroom. Also, anything in your bedroom is anything you need. If you do not need them then it might belong to somewhere else.

Right furniture with the right size

When you are ready to have your own bedroom, you will need to purchase furniture pieces and fill in your room with them. You need to start with your floor plan so you will know how many items that can enter your room and how big they should be. A large yet heavy bed is not something you need when it comes to a small bedroom. Instead, you can utilize the vertical space for storage space.

Storage area

You will definitely need a storage area. Having plenty of storage space is something you need but you need to work a bit on that. So, you may opt for a trunk or a bench with storage space inside. You can also make a headboard that could fit your book collections instead of utilizing a bulky bookcase. A 10 by 12 bedroom design needs something compact but pretty.

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