Tips on How to Apply Texture for Decor

bathroom design with texture wall decor and with sink also curve mirror

Ever wonder how to apply textures for decor? Yes, when asked about elements in design which contribute to the beauty of a living space, very few people would mention texture. They would focus on color scheme and layout of their room, as well as furnitures and decorative items. However, despite their remarkable taste in colors and furnitures, the room still end up flat. You know something is missing.

The importance of textures

Often considered as an afterthought, texture is very often overlooked despite the fact that it is actually one of the most important elements in design. People who wonder how to apply textures for decor are the same people who fail to remember that texture is the one thing in design which makes an interior pop. Its importance may seem subtle, however, it cannot be denied that texture is the element which complements a decor and brings out visual weight and depth we have never known before.

Tips on properly applying textures to decor

Texture’s supporting role in design often makes us think it is s less than vital. Truth is it’s completely the other way around, but how do we properly incorporate textures? The answer can be seen in the following list:

  • Furniture

Marbe tabletops, sating ottomans and reading chairs, as well as wooden benches are a few of great examples to choose from.

  • Decorative items

Shodow boxes, chests, and a bouquet of flowers are the perfect options to make your interior look more lively.

  • Wall coverings and floors

Wanting to add textures with coverings? You may carefully place a throw rug of any kind or a patterned wallpapers to give depth.

  • Textiles

How to apply textures for decor using textiles is another question some people ask, slip covers or throws blanket as well as throw pillows can be carefully placed on a bed or sofa to add visual appeal.

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