great combination Ceramic Tile and new hardwood flooring in kitchen area

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What’s the most exciting about floors that combine tile and hardwood? The answer is absolutely about the challenge to overcome every detail on both materials. Flooring mostly be forgot by people which actually is the most important one!

If you make mistakes about choosing the floors patterns, you ruin the whole parts in your house. You can change, buy, sell, and do those things back and forth on furniture. But you can’t change your floors as you wish. To change your mood on floors aren’t easy as you think.

The consideration may come from the budget you have. You need laborers to do the thing. It takes days and you will waste your money. So, it’s better to think floors you like that can build up your mood even for ten to twenty years later. More is better.

How to Do So?

First, think and choose what theme you want to create in your house. Is it Scandinavian, eclectic, rustic, classic, European, Victorian, Javanese, minimalist, bohemian, or else?

Second, after getting what you want the most, you start to think the partitions in your house. For those who have partitioned rooms, you can jump to decide the furniture you want the most to be in your house.

By having images what and where to put the furniture you might have had before or you want to buy later, you can see the spaces left you have. The space and the furniture’s place can give you the limit to play with the flooring.

Third, now it’s time for flooring. Usually people will use one floor type such as only tiles, ceramic, parquet, or wood. Every material actually gives different impression. The ceramics and tiles make high value or quality of the floors. Besides the wood and parquet make the room feels cozy and natural.

Why don’t you try new style? You can use the floors that combine tile and hardwood ideas. Even though it’s somehow new challenge for you, you will definitely make your house has long lasting exciting theme.

What is it?

Using floors that combine tile and hardwood is a simple way to combine two materials specialized for floors in a room. Doing so will make a limited edition home project where you get the unique feel and new home style.

As there are many kinds of hardwood and tile out there, your job left is for deciding the colors, shapes, and pattern.

What Rooms?

Kitchens, bathrooms, living room, family room and high traffic areas should be the priority to use the floors that combine tile and hardwood. Both materials are the best because they are easy to match and durable. Moreover, the entryways and hallways as the high traffic areas will get much attention from the guests. So, it’s better for you to have natural floors that combine tile and hardwood. The guests will feel homey and happy to be in your house.

Trying to work with both floors that combine tile and hardwood will create an elegant house to be lived in. It also gives extra mood booster for you as the owner every time you wake up in the morning and getting back from work.


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