Adding Texture Into an Interior Decor

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Incorporating texture into an interior decor seems like something that only professional designers can do. They always know their way around it and make the whole interior seem more lively and cohesive. As an interior enthusiasts, we often admire a work of art yet we lack the ability to come up with our own. This can be seen from our attempts in interior decorating, we may have ticked elements such as color scheme, decorative items and furnitures, but even our untrained eyes would know that our interior is as flat as a computer screen – yet we have no idea what’s missing from our interior. A quick look and those professional designers would mention that we have forgotten one thing: textures.

The importance of texture

Whether you would like to admit it or not, texture is one element in interior design that is very often overlooked. Majority of people consider color as the only thing that helps a room looks lively, while there is no denying that colors have the power to make any room pop with its hues, texture is actually the only thing that has the ability to perfect the design and what the colors have to offer.

How to incorporate textures for your decor

There are numerous ways to incorporate texture into an interior decor, and one of the easiest ways can be seen in the following information:

  • Incorporating texture with your textiles may not only boost the overall look of your interior, but also instantly adding a sense of cozy to your room. You may try to do so by adding a throw on your couch, kilim pillows and linen bedding.
  • Incorporating texture with your rug. Yes, this item is often overlooked as it doesn’t seem like a big deal. While a rug is always place down below, it still plays such an important role when you wish to add texture into an interior decor.
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