Types of Swimming Pool Finishing

swimming pool area with ceiling lighting and sofa

Inground swimming pools sale is varied as well as the price. The price of the inground swimming pool also depends on the finishing used. Because the finishing does not only function to protect the concrete construction of the swimming pool but also becomes decoration and focal point that can drag people’s attention. Each type of swimming pool finishing has advantages and disadvantages. Here they are.

Ceramic Finishing

Ceramic is the most common and most used material for swimming pool finishing. So that this material is easy to find. Moreover, ceramic is more affordable than other swimming pool finishing materials and it is easy to install. Ceramic is available in a lot of various patterns and colors, providing you endless options to choose one that is suitable for the design of your inground swimming pool. However, ceramic is pretty fragile. It is easy to break. It is because ceramic is actually not produced for a swimming pool that accommodates a big load of water.

Moreover, if you want an anti-mainstream appearance for your swimming pool, ceramic finishing is not the one. Because this material is already too common. But for you who have a standard budget or need a material that is easy to take care, ceramic can be the right choice.

Mosaic Finishing

Mosaic finishing is getting more used especially for a private swimming pool. The size of the mosaic material is smaller than ceramic which starts from 2 cm to 7.5 cm for each piece. When it comes to design, mosaic materials look more elegant and fancier. It is also coated with anti scratches coating that can also protect the patterns for a long time from chlorine. The coating also makes mosaic looks more beautiful because of the better light reflection. Mosaic is not easy to break because it has great durability.

Because of those advantages, mosaic finishing is more expensive than ceramic finishing. The installation also requires quite a long time because it needs more accuracy.

Natural Stone Finishing

For you who want to bring a natural or traditional look to your inground swimming pool, natural stone finishing is perfect for you. This material has a rough texture so that it will not make the pool slippery. Moreover, natural stone finishing looks more artistic. But the installation and treatment are harder than other finishings. Natural stone finishing is able to increase the value of inground swimming pools sale.

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