Swimming Pool Construction Cost

Searching for the swimming pool construction cost is very important when you want to build a swimming pool in your house. We all know that summer season can be really torturing us with the heat. The best way to get rid of the heat is, of course, by swimming. However, you will not be swimming in peace because everyone thinks the same when it comes to the summer season. All of the pools will be packed and you can only soak yourself in the pool without being able to move around. One of the ways to overcome this problem is by building your own swimming pool. You will not have to deal with crowds and you can spend your time as long as you want in your own pool. If you want to know how much money you should prepare to build a swimming pool, then, keep on reading this article.

Things You Need to Know

Before we list the swimming pool construction cost, you need to know some things first. For your information, there are two types of swimming pools. The first one is the above ground swimming pool and the second one is the in-ground swimming pool. The average cost of the above ground swimming pool with a diameter of 19′ is around $6,243. Meanwhile, the average cost of the in-ground swimming pool with a diameter of 32′ x 16′ is around $21,919.

Cost Breakdown

1. Above Ground Swimming Pool

If you want to build this kind of swimming pool, then the professional will do some preparations including leveling the area and provide access to the electrical service. Do keep in mind that all of the swimming pools need at least one pump to make sure that the water is circulated and cleaned and they are powered by electricity. The cost which you see above is already included with one pump, filter systems, and ladders.

2. In-Ground Swimming Pool

You can see that the in-ground swimming pool construction cost is much more expensive than the above ground because of the expansive preparation and significant materials. The pool will begin with the liner which can be made from Vinyl or Fiberglass. The vinyl is the least expensive with the standard cost around $25,700. Meanwhile, the fiberglass will cost you around $31,400. Do keep in mind that most in-ground swimming pools will be required to be paired up with a patio and fencing which is usually required by law in some areas in the whole world.

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