Valuable Subway Tiles Decor Tips

mosaic tile subway new york for decor idea

The fact that you are looking for Subway tiles decor tips is the statement of how alive and kicking these classic tiles are these days. Specifically designed and used for train stations in the New York City back in the early 1900s, it caught the attention of New Yorkers which led to their eagerness to incorporate the tiles into their homes. For both aesthetic and practical reasons, the use classic Subway tiles were no longer restricted to the train stations, but also the kitchens and bathrooms in the pre-war era. Now fast forward to 2017, these incredible ceramic rectangular tiles can still be found in the bathrooms and kitchens.

Still practical, but what about its aesthetic?

Back in the day, these ceramic tiles might be everyone’s favorite due to its practical and unique aesthetic nature. However, the same cannot be said for us now. There is no doubt that these ceramic tiles are the best invention known to man when it comes to its practicality, but what about the aesthetic? Not so much. Subway tiles look extremely boring now and that is the primary reason why majority of us turn to the internet to look for Subway tiles decor tips.

How to decorate with these Subway tiles?

If your decor aims for a classic contemporary look, you may opt for furnitures with the same hue as your Subway tiles. Single color tiles which is placed horizontally with either counter tops and back splashes of the same color may result in a rather cohesive look. Looking for a more chic and sophisticated look to your house? Leave your white paint as is and instead, install black ceramic tiles up until it reaches the window area. This Subway tiles decor tips may seem simple, but add monochrome rug and stick with black and white furnitures and you get yourself an incredible decor.

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