How to Design a Stunning Living Room

contemporary living room with stand lamp and comfort sofa and rug also chandeliers

You may look at the living room furniture images and want to apply the arrangement into your home. However, would it be perfect for your house? On the other hand, some designers agree that a living room is a kind of reflection of its homeowner. This is why it is important to stay authentic when it comes to designing and arranging the placement of furniture pieces in your house.

Still, in this article, we are going to show you some tips from designers to make a stunning living room. It could be based on the living room furniture images in the magazine you saw this morning. But, do not forget to stay authentic.

The basics

There are a few important points about the living room basics that you need to remember. It is important to pick and determine the focal point and surround the focal point with furniture arrangement. In some cases, the focal point is a piece of furniture or other features such as a television or a fireplace.

The living room is the place to hang out and talk. So, make sure that the furniture arrangement will be the place for people to talk to each other comfortably. If space allows, it is better to put the furniture away from the wall because it makes a more intimate setting.

Size and placement

Sofa and chairs are the first things you will consider when it comes to arranging your own living room. Also, it is kind of the big-ticket items so it is very important to make it suits the existing space. A too big or too small sofa and chairs would be not appropriate and uncomfortable as well. So, if you really want to get the perfect units then you can make a rough sketch of your living room arrangement but make sure the scale is appropriate though.

The rug is going to make your living room warm and inviting. Other than that, you can use a rug to define the seating area. Just keep in mind that all pieces of furniture in the seating area should lay on the carpet.

If you choose to have a coffee table in the conversation area, make sure that the height is appropriate. Generally, a coffee table height is slightly shorter than the seat height. Make sure that the table is not too small or too big if you want to mix and match like living room furniture images on the magazine.

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