Ideas for Small Living Room to Maximize Your Space

Ideas for Small Living Room with wall art and white coffee table

There are many ideas for small living room which can trick your eyes and make it looks more spacious. Those strategies can change your narrow area become aesthetic and cozy space. You can choose interior design for living room to make most of your room.

You are able to decor in a way which maximize on space and light, do not forget to pay attention on how to use scale, weight and color as well. These things can make your small space look quite different. This is very interesting to try new things. Sometimes, traditional design about living room is not great choice for small space. Your living room, no matter its size, should be able to act as entertaining space. Here, several ways that can make your small living room become spacious.

Draw your room upward

If you have high ceiling in your small living room, then yu are able to make the most space by drawing it upward. One of the best ways is use floor-to-ceiling as cool way to get this goal. Another idea is fill up the vertical space by hanging small size of artwork. This way will make your room feel spacious because it can draw the eye to exploring your room.

Mirror mirror on the wall?

Many designers often recommended hanging mirror in small place to make it looks bigger. This is very common way by hanging a major mirror in the central space to make a focal point. Mirror can reflect the light and add good atmosphere. You can hang it behind the light source like pendant lamp. If possible, you are able to place a mirror across of your window to reflect the view and add more illusions of another window as well. Hanging mirror is easy way for interior design for living room, especially small living room.

Natural palette

One of the most popular ways for small living room is using netral palettes on your ceiling, floor and walls. You can go with beiges or off-whites to make your small room looks spacious by pushing back the walls. Soft colors also prefer illuminate your room by reflecting the light as well. Besides it can make your room larger, neutral palette can provide you with instant sophistication and create calming nuance.

There are many ways that can make your small living room looks spacious once you can choose best interior design for living room for it.

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