Trick Designs for Small Living Room

Placing mirror in your living room will make it looks more spacious

Living room is the first area to be accessed in a house, so that this room is pretty essential. You do not have to be worried if you have small living room. Here are several small living room designs tricks.

Place Mirrors

Placing mirror in your living room will make it looks more spacious. If it is possible, place the mirror across the windows in your living room. So that the mirror reflects the outside view and the natural lights from outside. For another alternative, you are able to place hanging lamps in your small living room. This way, hanging lamps will make the room looks elegant and dramatic.

Avoid Big Seats

The presence of seats especially sofa is needed in living room. If you have small living room, avoid to pick big size sofa. Choose two seater sofa or three seats sofa if you want a minimalist style in your small living room. Do not place the sofa close to the walls, save space at least 1 cm. You are able to combine the sofa with small wooden coffee table or glass coffee table.

Pick Pastel Colors and Neutral Colors

The colors selection for small living room is really influential. Bold colors are not suitable for small living room. Instead, choose neutral and pastel colors such as white, light grey, and beige. Those colors will make small living room feels more comfortable, warmer, and more spacious. If you want to have curtain, choose the one which its color is suitable with the wall paint you have chosen.

Add Decorative Indoor Plants

The presence of decorative indoor plants in your living room will make the room looks more lively. Place the plants near the windows or choose plants which do not need a lot of sun lights, such as cactus. Besides the choice of the type of the plants, you also need to consider its size. Pick small size to medium size decorative indoor plants so that they do not take a lot of spaces.

Choose the Right Wallpapers

You are able to apply wallpapers as the alternative besides painting the walls of your small living room. What you need to pay attention is, do not choose wallpapers with big patterns and dark colors. Those kinds of wallpapers will only make your living room looks smaller. Choose wallpapers which are suitable with the furniture for the last trick of small living room designs.

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