Small Living Room Décor Ideas to Get the Most of the Space

Small Living Room Décor Ideas to Get the Most of the Space

Small living room décor might be something you want to know right now. Basically, you need to do some tricks to expand your living room space. The space is still the same but it looks spacious. On the other hand, living room needs to be cozy and pleasing your eyes. This is why in this article we are going to give you several tips to make the most of your small living room space.

Include mirrors

Mirrors are the strategy to create spaciousness in small spaces. It appears to be larger with mirrors in it. You can put large mirror in one side of the wall and make sure that you put it in center location. It will be a focal point which will increase the look of the space.

If you want to make nice ambiance in the living room and lighten up the space, you may put the mirror behind the source of light or across the window. This is like the first small living room décor to make the most of the space.

Go with vertical dimension

Each room has both vertical and horizontal dimension. When the ceiling of your living room is high then you better decorate it and make the eye upward. The easiest way is by installing floor-to-ceiling drape. Other than stylish, this type of drape creates spacious look in your living room.

You can also fill the wall with several artworks but make sure that you put it vertically. The size is better to be small to medium size. This will work to make the room feels bigger.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors will create calm and cool atmosphere in the living room especially if the space is not that spacious. So, the options you have are such as the range of white and beiges. Anything you choose will be better be soft and paste. Other than that, soft hue tends to reflect light and give more illumination in the room.

Furniture: lightweight and small-scaled

When it comes to furniture in small living room, you need to find the ones with light weight appearance. It is about the visual weight rather than the actual weight. Besides, it also depends on the color and size. This is why you better consider to putting small-scaled furniture pieces so you can make the most of the space. The colors are advised to be pale or monochromatic and a bit splash of pop colors. And this is the end of small living room décor.

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