Simple Tricks to Deal with a Very Small Kitchen Design

small kitchen design with two black wooden bar stools near table

Don’t be sad if you only have a very small kitchen. You can still make that kitchen as a comfortable cooking area. The key is knowing how to remodel the kitchen. The very small kitchen design ideas below are a simple thing to do but it gives a significant impact to the kitchen.

Compact Containers

You often put a variety of ingredients, kitchen utensils, and any kind of tools in the kitchen. Indeed, you must use containers there. It doesn’t matter if you only have a very small kitchen because there are also small or compact containers available on the market. You can also order custom containers if it is necessary. Compact containers keep the kitchen spacious. The most important thing, you can still able to manage all the important items you need for cooking.

Manage the Washing Machine

One of the items which make your kitchen looks crowded is a big size item such as a washing machine. So, instead of putting the washing machine close to the kitchen, you can remove it to another spacious place. Let say, you can move the washing machine to the bathroom. You can also use an empty space such as a place under the stairs to put the washing machine. This simple trick keeps you comfortable while cooking in a very small kitchen.

Replace the Sink

Another great very small kitchen design idea is replacing the regular size sink with the compact one. Nowadays, there are a variety of sink sizes on the market and you can choose the smallest one. A double sink is enough as long as it gives space to put and wash the dirty dishes. As a result, you have an extra area as a place to put some small kitchen tools or appliances as well as ingredients while cooking.

Use the Empty Spaces

Don’t let the empty spaces in the kitchen useless. Instead of letting it without giving any benefits, you can use those spaces. Those empty spaces are including the back of the kitchen door, below the sink, the back of the cupboards, or many more. Let say, you can hang something in the back of the door and it gives extra storage in your small kitchen.

So, having a very small kitchen is not a disaster at all. You just need to think something out of the box and creative to get extra space in the kitchen. The tricks for the very small kitchen design above can be inspired you to cook comfortably in a very small kitchen.

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