The Ideas to Design Small Inground Swimming Pools

The Ideas to Design Small Inground Swimming Pools

The backyard area is generally used as an outdoor leisure area. Some choose to make a terrace, a gazebo, a fish pond, and also small in-ground swimming pools. Even though the page size is small, the idea of making a minimalist swimming pool can still be realized!

Now there are quite a variety of minimalist swimming pool designs that are not too land-consuming. The results are quite amazing! The backyard of the house feels like an oasis that can cure the saturation of its owner. Here is a cheat sheet for you.

Simple square in-ground swimming pool

The shape of the mini pool that is most often used is a rectangle with a simple design. As we know that the simpler the shape, the better and more efficient the placement. The land in the backyard is not free.

A tiny place to relax

Apart from being used for exercise, the presence of a swimming pool at home aims to create a relaxed holiday-style atmosphere. Therefore, give supporting accents that support the ambiance. You can place a recliner or swing in the area. A portable beach umbrella can further create a pleasant atmosphere. Passing summer at home will be even more exciting.

Minimalist Curved

Do you want to design a mini pool that is not common? Maybe, a minimalist semi-curved pool design can be used as an attractive option. The shape of the pool was not boring with the presence of the half-round accent.

Minimalist and slim swimming pool

For those of you who are more focused on the sports function of the swimming pool, just choose a narrow alias model that intersects slim and minimalist. You can design the pool lengthwise as you wish. Also, adjust the width with comfort so that the function remains maximum. This one pool design can emit a modern impression on the house. In the surrounding area, you can add a minimalist terrace with cold natural stone flooring. As a shade, plant some shade plants so that the area still feels fresh and open.

Minimalist swimming pool design 180 °

This one mini swimming pool looks like a perfect semicircle. The design is very natural because the whole is made from natural stone material. Not to mention the scenery around the courtyard is so green. The combination of supporting elements makes the small leisure area behind the house look like a tropical retreat. It is very exotic, especially at night with the addition of courtyard lights around it.

Hopefully, these designs of small in-ground swimming pools can be useful for you all.

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