Ideas For Small Bedroom Designs

Small bedroom ideas for couples with brown bed comforter

Small bedroom ideas for couples are varied and easy to find. However, designing a small bedroom is pretty tricky. You have to think about the storage spaces, maximizing the room functions, and also choosing the proper design so that your bedroom will not look even smaller. But with these brilliant ideas, you do not have to be worried about those problems anymore.

Use the Ceiling Spaces

For small bedroom design, the challenge is creating extra flat spaces. So, it is time for you to think creative. For example, you can use the spaces on the ceiling. Hanging bedroom decorations above does not only make the bottom area of the bedroom more spacious but also drag people’s attention. This idea will give an illusion so that your small bedroom looks more volumized. Instead of using a desk lamp, use a hanging lamp. Do not be afraid to experiment with artistic decorative hanging lamps. The braver the style of your hanging lamp, the fancier your bedroom will be looked. You can also experiment with curtains. You can hang it from the ceiling instead of from the window frame.

Use the Bedroom Walls

Finish with the ceiling, you can switch to another part; bedroom walls. Because big furniture such as the bed already dominates the room, then the best way to create a flexible flow is by hanging decorative wall decorations. This arrangement will create a more flexible interior design theme. You are also able to use furniture that also functions as storage such as a cabinet. It will be better if you hire a professional to install and hang the furniture on your bedroom wall in order to make sure it is safe and functional.

Extra Features for Bedroom Walls

Make the walls of your small bedroom as the focal point. This way, your small bedroom will have a character. There are a lot of ways to create creative bedroom walls, such as applying patterned wallpapers, painting the walls with colorful colors, or using a beautiful headboard. The purpose is to create a small gallery in your small bedroom with different personal styles. For you who want to use a headboard, choose decorative and unique elements. Both from the design, materials, and colors, make sure you choose the one that represents your characteristic. You can also add decorative pillows and bolsters to make your bedroom more comfortable.

Those are the small bedroom ideas for couples.

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