Simple Modern Small Bedroom Designs for a Cozy and Comfortable Sleeping Area

white bed near window and wooden bedside table

You don’t need to get confused about your small bedroom. You can still improve the area into a cozy and comfortable bedroom. The list below is some modern small bedroom designs you can apply for your bedroom improvement project.

Apply Bold Colors

You don’t have to use any complicated patterns or colors for the bedroom. Instead of doing that, you can choose some of your favorite bold colors. Then, you can apply it to the room just like what you want. For example, apply bold blue for the wall to give a cozy atmosphere. Mix it with white bedcover and pillow cover. You may apply colorful headboard without losing the bold theme. It is better to apply 2 to 4 bold colors for your modern small bedroom so it doesn’t look too crowded. Simple patterns such as stripes, florals, or shapes are a great option to make the room looks more attracting to see.

Apply Beds with dressers

Due to the small size, you can’t put too many items on the bedroom. The best option is finding multifunction furniture including a bed with an under bed storage. Later, you can use the dresser underneath the bed to keep any important items such as clothes, shoes, books, bed covers, pillow covers, and many more. You may add a small or medium cabinet and make sure that it has a lot of drawers so you can use this furniture maximally. Make the bedroom balance by applying plain and soft colors along with the touch of a small portion of floral pattern.

Black and White

Black and white always work including for modern small bedroom designs. You can apply the white color for the wall, bed cover, and pillow covers. Then, apply the black color for any other items such as the bed frame, table lamp, and chair. You may also find some items which have black and white colors such as a blanket or carpet. For a more comfortable bedroom, you can apply different type of color such as cream, red, or chocolate. Wooden furniture is a good option to make the small bedroom looks calm and cozy.   

Apply Used Materials

You can also apply some used materials to create a comfortable small bedroom. For example, you can apply a used chalkboard for the headboard of the bed. It is also a multifunction item because you can also write some important notes there. You may also create a custom small chair or table if you have a lot of unused woods at home. Mix the room with glass material such as for the windows and doors and don’t cover it with curtains to make the room looks spacious.

The point is that you can still make your small bedroom comfortable and cozy just like what you want. there are so many simple modern small bedroom designs to apply.

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