Important Tips About Simple Living Room Designs

simple modern livingroom design ideas

In common, living room becomes a place where we spend our leisure times after a long day. Besides, when our living room has a nice design, we will get more positive energy. However, not all living room designs can give something like this. There should be a good design if we want to create a living room with good atmosphere. That’s why we are here, we have some information about simple living room designs that you can follow. Okay, let’s talk about it below.

Lighting, is it important?

If this kind of question is asked, then we will answer “that’s why we put it in the first point”. In this case, when we have a living room which has good lighting, it will give warm atmosphere. It doesn’t need to be that bright, yet we can manage the light which comes in. By using bright color curtain, it will be better for our living room. Why? Because it will reflect the light. Besides, the design in this room will be more alive if the lighting is great.

How is about color?

Of course, color also has significant role in making nice living room. If you have small living room, using neutral colors is recommended. This thing has relation with lighting. Yup, neutral colors have a capability to illuminate your living room by reflecting light. Not only that, it can also distract our eyes to see that the living room look bigger.

Furnitures? Display is important

Because furnitures will also affect how good your living room is, you are suggested to choose furnitures with lightweight appearances. In this case, you need to choose goods which have simple designs as well. Remember, lightweight appearance is important. If we are talking about table, choosing table which is not made of wooden material is recommended. Why? Because wooden table will make our eyes distracted. Moreover, if the wooden table has a big size – this won’t be good.

Illusion, what is this thing about?

You may wonder what is the meaning of the word “illusion” we choose. Here, it means that we can make a small living room look bigger by doing eyes’ deception. You can prove it by creating a living room which has high ceiling. Of course, when our living room has a high vertical dimension, it doesn’t look smaller anymore because it expands upward.

Here, tips about simple living room designs we give to you above are recommended to try. The point that we can say is, you need to consider the design of your house as well. Why? It is because the key of nice living room design is when it is matched with the style of your house.

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