Simple Bedroom Interior Design to Make Your Room Just Like a Room in Your Favorite Hotel

Bedroom Interior Design with two panel painting of palm plant

Some of you might have a dream to sleep in a comfortable bedroom just like in your favorite hotel room or villa. Just make it come true by applying simple bedroom interior design. Don’t underestimate the simple interior because it might give something more than you are expected before.

Black and White Bedroom Interior Design

Some of the hotels choose black and white theme because it shows the elegance atmosphere. Actually, you can also do it by decorating your bedroom with monochrome or black and white interior. For example, you can cover up your master mattress with a black bed cover. Then, mix it with a white blanket. To make it perfect, cover up the pillows with black and white pillow cover. If it is not enough, you can also decorate the wall by putting a wallpaper. A white with black stripes wallpaper will make the interior design of the bedroom looks stunning. You can also combine the color with gold, chocolate, grey, or cream.  

Bold Bedroom Interior Design

You can also use bold colors as a simple bedroom interior design. The bold color is used to boost the luxury sensation and it is just like what some of the hotels did to attract people. For an eye-catching option, you may use bright and bold color such as blue, pink, and yellow. Just apply the blue color for the headboard, chairs, or mirror frame. Use the other contrast colors for the pillow covers, bedroom table, or cabinet. Just make the bedroom balance by applying some soft and neutral colors such as white, grey, or cream. You can apply the soft colors for the blanket or bed cover.    

Combine Bold and Soft Colors to Create Luxury Bedroom Design

You can mix and match bold and soft colors to create a contemporary and luxury bedroom interior design. Let say, you can use purple as the color of the master bed. If you don’t want to make the bedroom looks too crowded, just apply the bold colors for the small interior such as the light cover, curtain, or carpet. On the other hand, you can use the soft colors for the wall, cabinet, bedroom table, pillows, and anything you want. The best materials for the bedroom interior are wood, glass, and stainless steel. Those three materials will make your bedroom looks contemporary as well as luxury.

The point is that you can decorate your room as comfortable as a bedroom in your favorite hotel. Even, you just need to apply a simple bedroom interior design to make it come true.    

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