Roof Garden Décor Tips for Gorgeous Outdoor Space

roof garden idea for relaxing

Nourishing the love you have for your garden may prove to be a bit difficult. Yes, it should be a challenge you accept with pleasure. Imagine how wonderful it is to have nice and beautiful rooftop garden. Among the easiest ways to build and grow such beautiful garden is by applying these best and practical roof garden décor tips.

Keep the Garden Open

Open rooftop garden is the best choice you can have. This setting allows the garden to look big and spacious. Then, you may want to choose transparent glass instead of fences or parapet wall. It is also possible for you to create unique hedge around the border. However, you may want to forget this tip if you want to keep it private, away from the prying eyes.

Grow Tall Trees

Get real garden on your rooftop by growing tall trees and other kinds of tall plants. It is an excellent way to maximize the greenery and gives yourself a space to be away from the noisy city. Good combination you can have is grasses and bamboos. Furthermore, it is also low in maintenance so you do not have to bother yourself with hours of cleaning and maintenance.

Create Raised Beds

The next tip to follow is creating raised beds. It makes a great idea especially if the raised beds are made from metal. But, you can also create it from concrete with 2 feet wide and deep which makes an ideal size. Then, you can grow small trees and tall shrubs.


A rooftop garden is a great place for you to relax and enjoy the rest of the day. Or, you can also have night barbeque and private party on the roof. To accommodate this need, you have to add furniture so you can create nice terrace or lounge. The choices of furniture are unlimited. You can add classic wooden furniture or combine it with metal furniture. By practicing all those tips, it will be possible for you to have beautiful garden with healthy trees and plants.

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