The Selection of The Right Color For Your Home

Pop art theme room with art painting wall, red blue chairs also stripes accent pillow

The color has become a section in the Setup room, the theme of the room are strongly influenced by color selection. Color selection presented the owner of the room. Color selection could serve to give the impression of space, e.g. bright colours serve to give the impression of more airy. There are a few terms of colour such as hue, value, tone, tint, shade.

1. Hue
It is the color which has the full intensity of e.g. red, blue, yellow.
2. Value
Colour from light to dark or from white to black.
3. Tone
A row of color mixed with gray.
4. Tint
The opposite of tone, Tint is a row of color mixed with white. For example, pastel colors.
5. Shade
It is a color that is mixed with black.

A good mix of colors will give the impression of the room. Choose bright colors to give the impression of spacious in the room. Bright colors on the floor, walls and ceilings can make the room feel more spacious because of the effective distance range. For example the white color on the floor combined with pastel colors on the walls. Avoid dark colors are dominant on one side of the room as it will shorten the distance. The safe colors are monochromatic schemes.

Use color to separate between a room, e.g. between the kitchen and living room separated by a brown color. Orange, yellow, Brown is perfect for your living room or dining room. As for the bathroom or bedroom, you can choose the color blue, white or green. Source of color in a room can be obtained from the paint, wallpaper, curtains, soft furnishings, furniture.

Material selection is also showing a good color for the room of the House. For example, the material wood is used for cabinet in the kitchen. Black natural stone can be used for the bathroom. The variations of color to a room, can also be obtained by installing wallpaper. You could put a wallpaper on one side of the wall, it became a focal point in the room.

Red colour means strength, vigor, courage. The color red can be used in a child’s room for a headboard uplifting playground. Yellow color gives the impression of good cheer and fun. In the kitchen, you can choose the color of yellow for the cabinet. Please choose the color yellow for children’s rooms, because it arouses excitement and intelligence.

Spacious room with wooden coffee table and long sofa also ceiling fan

Green color as the color which is cool, fresh, calm. The green colour can be selected for the bedroom. The green colour can also be to coat the kitchen cabinet, so that the impression is fresh. You can choose the color green for the walls of the bathroom, give the little plants in the bathroom. Natural shades will be felt if added plants in the bathroom.

See the sky and the sea, you will be reminded of the color blue. The color blue is associated with feelings of calm, spacious. The color blue represents truth, high intelligence. Blue represents water, so appropriate to the bathroom. The bathroom is very suitable to use ceramic mosaic of blue. The blue color can be used for bedrooms, to give the impression of a quiet room for a break. Learning space are very appropriate given the color blue, as a quiet, memorable increase imagination.

Pink color is identical to the feminine and sweet. The color Pink is ideal for baby girl. You can put up wallpaper the color pink on the baby’s room. Room girls is perfect using the color pink. Give pink accents on headboard, add accessories pink butterfly wall, then the girls will feel loved playing and resting in his bedroom. Pink color can also be installed in the dining room so memorable is very romantic.

OK, that last bit of explanation about color selection for the space of your home. May be useful, and if like please shared with your friends. Please visit our other articles.

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