The Psychology Behind Designing Home: Experiencing the Environments

interior design with glazed coffee table and great wall art also good rug

The psychology behind designing home will help the homeowners to create their home having a sense to fulfill their emotional needs. Aesthetic aspect is not enough to create a comfortable home, then. This kind of field in new in designing house. Yet, it offers an interesting concept, changing the way people fee in homes. It designs homes based on the owner’s emotional needs.

Experts say that human experience their environments in five different ways, through sense, through space and time, through thought, imagination, memory, and reason, through emotions, and also through expectation and anticipation.

Experiencing the Environments

The first way to experience environments is from sense. We will see the color, pattern, lighting, and also spatial arrangement that appeal to the eyes. Human use their nose to smell candles and flowers, their touch to feel space planning and textures, their ears to listen to the conversation, music, and quiet, their tongue to taste drinks and foods. Comfortable home means a home that is able to please all the senses we have.

Time and movement through space is the second thing you need to consider. Consider the style you choose, whether it is classic, traditional, or modern style. This is important to set up the ambience you want. Once you decide the style, think about the placement of the furniture, the movement patterns, and also the distance between furniture.

Homes are the museum of comfort. This is a house for all the memories you have. You can gather all the stuff you have from your journey, place it in a beautiful space in your house, and be cherished. Yet, make sure you arrange your belongings well. This makes the home us functional, but also adds fluidity and comfort at the same time. Use your imagination when organizing this all stuff.

Applying psychological aspect to design house is done to fulfill the emotions needs of the owners. Emotions is the next way to experience our environments, and this has something to do with the color psychology. The last one is expectation and prediction. You need to be out of the box to feel your environments, since sometimes we create our own fence which makes us disable to feel the real ambience. Be creative, do not be afraid to play with patterns and shuffle things around. Feel the adventure and see things from different perspective.

Color and Home Design

There are some basics you need to learn to make your home comfortable. Dark ground with light ceiling are the color that most people want. It is the reflection of the earth, the dark path and the light sky. The hardwood floor we have is the reflection of forest floor.

Photos of real nature scenes can soothe the emotions of human beings. In hospital, even, it is believed that it can improve the recovery times. Choose oceans, forests, flowers, and water walls picture as decoration. Views with sky and sun is also relaxing. To make this happens, install big window to see this relaxing views. These are what you need to consider when applying the psychology behind designing home.

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