Protection Against Electrical Fires

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The Fire damage is one thing that we should prevent the most. Since the fire would easily burn everything in seconds, so, it is better to not having any of those problems in our lives, house, office, and everywhere. The U.S fire departments estimated that yearly, the average of 47, 820 fires caused by the electrical faults or malfunction during 2007-2011. It proves us that the electrical fires caused us a big deal of deaths, injuries and loss of the property if we do not pay much attention to it. The fire alarm is one of some ways to minimize the fire damage.

However, the fire is not always caused by something that is vividly seen, such as stove, fireplace, etc. It can be caused by the electrical faults. Thus, the protection against the electrical fire is also important. It is deniable that we are dependable to the electricity everyday and everywhere we are, we do need the electricity to espouse our daily living. Electrical faults happen quite often, since we might get scared to check the electricity current that makes us never had any regular check to the electricity. Thus, when the faults occur we might think that there is no problem with the electricity.


The protection against the electrical fires could be minimized by doing 10 tips below:

    1. Installing the Fire Alarms

In the development of protection to disasters, some companies have successfully made the newly technology called fire alarms. The fire alarms could be installed for houses, offices, public places, and commercial places in order to keep the things safe from the fire. However, the fire alarms are usually set near the kitchen appliance. Nowadays, since there are more examples of the electrical fires, some big factories especially oil and gas company, have installed the fire alarms near the electricity generators, as the proof of the awareness of the people about the electrical faults or malfunction that can cause fire damage.

    2. Installing the Fuse

Every house should be equipped by the fuse, since it helps us to notice the electrical faults before it burns bigger to the other area. The use of the fuse installation is highly recommended. The fuse will be burnt first before the other main cables. However, when the fuse is burnt or broken, we have to notice it and do a quick action by turning off the electrical generator to not letting the fire spreads to the other parts. Unfortunately, when we are not home by the time fuse is fired, it still causes a big deal of faults. Apart from that, the fuse still helps much in this case.

    3. Having the Fire Extinguisher & Sprinklers

Having the Fire Extinguisher & sprinklers are significant if we have a very large building to handle, such as hotels, offices, hospitals, and other public places. By having the fire extinguisher, everyone could be the hero by spraying the gas or breaking the sprinklers to get the fire down. In some cases, the sprinklers are automatically on whenever it detects smoke or fire. Meanwhile, the fire extinguishers are better be placed near the electrical generators and every place that has potential electrical faults.

    4. Having the Regular Check

The electricians are hired in some companies to enable them to have the regular check on every possible and potential electrical appliance that easily burnt. In a hotel that puts a hairdryer in every room, it should have the engineer and electrician checked it regularly. Usually, they have a room checklist enabling them to see which tools needed to be fixed and that is also one of the way to do the protection against the electrical fires.

    5. Replacing the Damaged or Loose Electrical Cords

The electrical cords are sometimes needed to be replaced when it is seemed to be broken or loosen from the place they should be. Do not push yourself to use the damaged electrical cords, moreover if it sometimes sprayed fires whenever you plug in the electrical appliances. The broken electrical cords would also make your appliances plugged into it would be harmed since the cords are flowing the electrical fires into the appliances. That occurrence would sometimes put the electrical appliances in a high risk and it might cause the electric current runs to the appliances in a big wattage.

    6. Avoid the Running Extension Cords Across Doorways or Under Carpets

Fabrics are easily burnt. Thus, be smart whenever you place the cable near the fabrics it will be burnt as they have a very little fire spray. Carpets are fabrics and it could flow the electrical current as you step on it with the broken cable below the carpet. Thus in order to not having the carpet burnt by the electrical faults, it is better to not put the running extension under the carpet. In addition, do not slip the electrical extensions or cables pass through your doorway, since it will be thinned by the time you open the door.

    7. Placing the Lamps Properly

Lamps are essential appliances that should be installed properly in order to avoid the electrical fault whenever it is burnt. Lamps should not be too close to the people’s activities and should be leveled in the correct heights. Moreover, we should consider the lamps wattage, use the recommended wattage appropriate to your electrical condition and as it is recommended on the lamp box you bought.

    8. Avoiding Overloading Outlets

Plug the high watt appliances such as fridge, TV etc. into the receptacle outlet. Notice the unused charger that still plugged in, or computers that still plugged into the cords. Do not forget to remove the plugged appliances whenever we want to go to sleep or to go outside to prevent the electrical failures and to be thrift in your monthly budget for the electricity.

    9. Noticing the Temperature

Whenever you feel the cord or the switch a bit warm, be curious and aware. There might have been a problem inside the switch. By noticing this case, do make a call for an electrician and do the consultation about your problem and let the cords checked by the electrician.

    10. Choosing the Electrical-Resistant Appliances

Choose the appliances such as toaster, rice cooker, electrical stove, TV, computer, fridge, washing machine, dish washer and other appliances that are resistant to the electrical failures. Some factories have offered you their products with the capability of the electrical-resistant appliances that would let you to feel safe when using the appliances.

Apply the 10 easy tips in your daily lives to prevent yourself from the electrical failures or malfunction and always be aware of anything that might become the potential problems causing the fire damage. Wherever you are, always notice that electrical failure could bring you to the big disaster.

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