How to Prepare to Home Security System Programming

Home Security System Programming

The home security system programing can be done in kinds of features and functions. One of the programs might be the latchkey mode; a mode for the alarm to dial a number programed before, in the time the code entered into the system for returning advice. Another one is the duress mode that is used to enter a code for system disabling, but the alarm is sent silently to the number determined before. Many types of home security systems also can be programed to activate electrical appliances such as lights. You can prepare to home security system programming easily if the master user code is known.

–               Get into the User Settings Menu. Read the user guide to get the user setting menu and then do some settings because every alarm system had different. In most alarm system, pressing the Next button continually is the best way to get User Settings displayed.

–               To increase the access to system programming, put in the master code. If the User Setting operating is the first time, the default code is usually 1234 or 1111.

–               Repeatedly press the Next button to search the program function and then find the function that is going to set. The program settings could be including the bypassed zone setting, Follow Me number programing that will automatically dial certain set numbers after the alarm report, setting the codes of user pass, setting the time and also the options of on or off voice.

–               Select any program that are going to set. For example, the Phone Number settings; scroll with the Next button and then choose by pressing the Enter or OK button.

–               Enter the important telephone number related to the alarm setting and then press Enter or OK button. The display of the phone number will appear. Press the OK or Enter button again to see the menu of Set Phone Number.

–               If you still need programing other setting, continue the scroll by pressing the Next button again so the programmable setting list appear. For instance, the User Codes; press the Next button continually until you find this setting option. When you get it, then press the Enter button to program the function or setting.

–               In the function setting, you can find the protocol to follow.

–               Next, just find any other program that can be set with the alarm system setting.

–               When you have done all of the setting, then exit the user setting menu. Continue pressing the Next button until you get the Exit button or other button in similar function displayed. Press OK or Enter to exit the user setting menu for programming.

It is just that simple to prepare to home security system by setting the program. You can do it by yourself at home and set it based on your need. Don’t forget to follow all instructions written on the User Manuals. Read the details so you can set the alarm system correctly. When all programs have been set, then the home security system is ready to install.

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