Kiddie Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep It Clean

Kiddie Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep It Clean

Kiddie pools in smaller sizes (like the 30 gallons of volume) are very easy to clean; you just need to make the pool empty and then fill it up again with clean water anytime the pool is going to use. However, some special pool maintenance tipsmust be needed if the kiddie pool is in the larger size, because the larger inflatable pools that hold up to 700 gallons will sky rocket your water bills if you change the water every day. You should maintain the pool well if you would prefer to fill and keep it filled for a while; just like what all people do in the real pool maintenance.

All You Need in Kiddie Pool Maintenance

To do these pool maintenance tips, you need some things such as;

–               Butterfly net/ pool skimmer

–               Chlorine bleach

–               Pool cover

Maintenance Steps for a Kiddie Pool

–               To keep the kiddie pool clean in much longer time, you should remove any debris that comes into the pool such as dead bugs, leaves, etc. Skim the debris regularly with a pool net or use a butterfly net that is just relatively cheap. On the other hand, you can ask the kids to do the pool skimmers with special nets. They must love helping you to do the cleanliness maintenance since they can do it while playing.

–               Find the best fit cover for the kiddie pool. Purchase the cover when you buy the portable pools so the size could be perfectly fit. The pool cover that is applicable for a rectangular pool type is also a great option to choose.

–               Treat the kiddie pool with chlorine shocking. The chlorine can be purchased from a supply store of pool, otherwise, you can use the chlorine bleach for the easiest and cheapest way. Apply the chlorine in the right amount; about ¼ tsp. for water in 10 gallons of amount. It means that the kiddie pool is in the larger size; containing up to 100 gallons of water, then you should put 2 ½ tsp. of chlorine.

–               If you don’t do the pool maintenance tips above, then you should drain the pool periodically. It will clean the water of the pool from dead bugs, leaves, dead skin cells or other kinds of debris found in the pool. If the kiddie pool is extraordinarily large, then you could deflate to drain the pool. This idea will also ease you to move the portable pool to another location if needed.

By knowing the right ways to clean the kiddie pool, you could make sure the cleanliness of the pool where the kids love to play. It will be always the safe and healthy place for your children to play inside the water. The right maintenance system will also prevent the kids from skin irritation because the water doesn’t contain bacteria or debris that potentially causes skin irritation. So, make sure you do the kiddie pool maintenance tips regularly to keep it clean and prevent any problems caused by the unclean pool.

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