What are Pipe Expose Decor Ideas for Interior Room?

cool white ceiling pipe hall also good lighting

When we are talking about decoration for interior design, there will be no much time to talk about it completely. There are a lot of things which are incredible to discuss. It is, of course, because the wide range of our creativity works so well to gain such ideas of interior design along with the decoration. However, this article limits the discussion only in the decoration using pipe expose for interior rooms. It is going to be discussed in each following section.

  • Pipe Expose Décor Ideas for Library

It sounds interesting if you have a library in your home. You can decorate your library with pipe without losing the own purpose of library; that is to keep your book. Have you ever thought that you can make a book shelf using pipes? Of course, it is possible. Why don’t you try to cut some pipes and resemble them into a book shelf? You, moreover, can combine the pipes with wood to make the shelf.

  • Pipe Expose Décor Ideas for Living Room

You can also use pipes to make decoration in the living room. Let’s start with the side table. You can resemble pipes to make a small side table. You, first of all, have to think about the shape of the side table. Then, you make the frame of the side table along with the table feet. After that, as the surface, put a round, an oval, or a square piece of glass; it is based on the shape you want. Finally, you put some miniatures on it.

Besides side table, you can also resemble pipes to make a cabinet to put in your living room. You just need to consider the size of the cabinet. Moreover, you can paint or wrap the pipe frames in order to make the cabinet more attractive and artistic. If you want to wrap it, you can use colored paper, stickers, or wrapping plastic. Furthermore, you can put wood or glass as the cabinet base or body; it really depends on you.

  • Pipe Expose Décor Ideas for Hanging Clothes

When we come to the bedroom, we may find that we need a spot to hang our clothes. We can also make it ourselves. It is quite simple since we only need to make frames by resembling the pipes. Make it just in one meter high and two meters long. It is more than enough to hang some of your clothes, or even ties.

  • Pipe Expose Décor Ideas for Kitchen

If it is possible to make hanger for kitchen utensils, such as frying pans, pans, spatulas, and aprons, you can try to hang a piece of pipe on a side of your kitchen. Make sure that there will be only a few kitchen utensils to hang. If you put too many utensils on the pipe, your kitchen will look messy.

Those are some pipe expose decor ideas for interior room that you can apply at home. Each room has its own purpose. Therefore, each room has its special decoration based on the function of the room. So, are you ready to give artistic and functioned decoration using pipe? It’s about your time now.

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