3 Things You Should Know Before Painting A Room

bedroom with home office and chair also curtain

Do you want to remodel your room? You can do it easily, just by painting your room with new color. However, in order to avoid more problems, there are few things You Should Know Before Painting A Room. This will help you to avoid many problems in during the painting process as well as after you paint it.

Empty the Room

Take out furniture and other decoration. If you can do it, take all of them and empty the room. This move will give you clearer image of your room shape and the area where you can apply the painting that you choose. It’s important to paint the wall top to bottom, even though mostly, the bottom part won’t be visible because the furniture covers it. But, paint it thoroughly will create special nuance for your room.

Test the Color

Before you paint, test the color. Apply it on small part of your wall, and let it dry to see the result. Make sure you also turn on the light, because the light can also change the appearance of the paint. So, with the right paint color, the lighting in that room will make it more beautiful and even strengthen your room theme.

Multiple Layers

Rather than using one thick layer of painting, it would be much better idea, if you apply several layers on your wall. There are many different paint colors that have different function, such as base, coloring and finishing. Make sure you use them all, so the color that you can get will be much sharp. This method also makes the color last longer and not easy to fade.

Those were easy tips. However, if you are not confident with your design and painting skill, asking help from professional is also good idea. You may need to pay more for their help. But, the result will be much better than doing it by yourself, even though you don’t have skill to do that.

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