Painted Ceiling Ideas for Perfect Feel

ceiling painting decor for luxury home

White ceiling is what most people choose for their house. Yet, it doesn’t always work indeed because the ceiling can actually be painted in any color and the result will still be a gorgeous one. By applying these painted ceiling ideas to your house, you have successfully stepped out of your comfort zone and are willing to do unique things.

Dark Colors

To create intimate yet dramatic feeling inside the house, the dark dray ceiling can be an excellent idea. What this color does is create the feeling of living under lower ceiling. Therefore, it makes a great choice to be applied in a house with abundant natural light or with high ceiling. For the perfect result, choose pale color for the wall to contrast the ceiling nicely.

Bright Colors

If you are more into adding interest and energy into the room, the bright colors suit your need. These colors are like yellow, orange and turquoise. They make great contrast with neutral furniture and white walls. By having this painted ceiling, the room will make everyone inside feeling more fun and happier. And, it can also be a perfect choice for kitchen and bathroom.

Wall Color

Most people paint the ceiling with the same color of the wall. This classic way never fails to create beautiful atmosphere although it can make the room a bit smaller. Therefore, it is a good thing to apply this painting only if the space is big enough. But if the room is small, go for the subdued color like muted blue or gray.

Paint Finish

The paint isn’t the only thing to consider but also the finish. In this case, various finishes can be chosen. For instance, if you want to conceal the imperfections, choose flat or matte finish. But if you want to add dimension, choose glossy or eggshell paints.

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