Things the Homeowners should Try to Pick Paint Combination for Walls

Things the Homeowners should Try to Pick Paint Combination for Walls

Paint combination for walls is definitely going to create something different in the room. Besides, the color will determine the shade and atmosphere when it comes to the room. In this article, we are going to give you some tips to pick the combination of paints for your walls in your home.

Start small

When it comes to pitching idea, you may be not sure about what you will pick. You can make it a small start by putting the color on small area. Bathroom can be a good place for the experiment. If the experiment is done by your own then you need to pick the room or area that is easy to do. By that, you will see the result immediately.

You may retrieve the favorite color from the artwork in your home, rug, accessories, or even the dishes. Main color and accent should be differentiated.

Mood is the good start

Color reflects your mood. So, when it comes to paint combination for walls then you need to know what mood you want to build in the room or area. Soothing, intimate, and dramatic mood can be created by applying something cool and soft. Combining it with the neutral color palette will help to create quiet and calm atmosphere.

On the other hand, if you want to create something warmer and stimulant in the dining room, you can go with contrast and brighter colors. It will create sociable and joyful feeling.

Lighting is a thing

Paint stores provide the light boxes so you can test the chips of the paint with the lighting in the room. The natural daylight will show the true color from all. With incandescent lighting, you will see the warmer tone and additional yellowish on the wall. Meanwhile, the fluorescent lighting will boost the sharpness on blue tone.

The great color should not be too bright or overpowering, especially if there is a window next to the wall. But, “too bright” color will be a very interesting accent on the accent wall. Pair it with indirect light for more dramatic look.

The color terms

There are several terms you need to learn before combining them.

Hue is the color.

When it comes to hue’s value, it means dark or light.

Saturation is about the dominant hue.

Intensity is how color shows the brilliance.

So, this is the tips and things you need to know before you make paint combination for walls.

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