How to Choose the Best Paint Color for Bedroom: Easy Tips to Know

bedroom with 4 pillar bed also look stairs

Do you have a plan to redecorate your bedroom? Here are the tips to help you select the best paint color for bedroom.

Don’t Choose Your Paint Color First

Naturally, people will start to choose the color first when they want to paint their bedroom wall. But, actually it will be much easier for you to choose the furniture you will put in your bedroom first and then pick up the matching color for the paint. This is because most people will find it harder to match the paint color with the furniture rather. Thus, picking up the furniture first is the best way you should do.

Consider the Size

It is important to consider the size of your bedroom before you picking up the color for it. Psychologically, darker colors will make your bedroom looks smaller while the brighter ones will make it looks larger than its actual size. 

Stick with Neutral Colors

Do not be hesitated to sick with neutral colors. They are safe choice. It means that you can easily mix them with whatever colors you like and it will never go wrong. Ivory, beige, black, white, gray, and taupe are the right neutral choice for the bedroom. They will not be boring since you can easily brighten them with various accents and beddings in different patterns and colors.


Pastel colors are always wonderful for every bedroom since they are typically relaxing, soft, serene, and can help you to have deep sleep at night. Lavenders, yellows, pinks, greens, and soft blues are the perfect choice for your bedroom. Combine them with dark wood furniture and brighter accessories to avoid them look childish.

Bright Colors

If you love bright colors and wish to apply them on your bedroom wall, then choosing a bold spring green can be a perfect choice. The bright colors will also help you to create fresh atmosphere in your room.

Find Inspiration

To help you find the best paint color for bedroom, you need to have inspiration first. You can go on internet to find the inspiration or read decorating magazines to study different pictures of bedrooms. See which ones that will look perfect for your bedroom. If you still get difficulties in deciding the pint color that you will apply for your bedroom, you can ask for advice from online room planner to help you. It will also be the best way to save your time and money.

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