Open Plan Living For Small Home Tips and Ideas

open plan living with wooden elements

Open plan living for small home is highly regarded as the greatest layout alternative for those living in a small space. Yes, incorporating an open floor plan design is not only only the greatest way to make your small living space seem larger, it is also the best way to give it a more spacious feel to it. This is largely due to the fact that open plan spaces have no fixed-vertical structures or walls to serve as barriers. While the idea seems attractive, properly combining the open spaces without making them look awkward and disorganized proves to be a difficult task. Here we are going to talk about how to make a to-die-for open-plan layout.

How to combine your open spaces right

Open plan living for small home is incredible in many ways, but it is quite tricky to get the plan right as some people seem to forget that, despite of its open nature, the combined spaces still require focus and flow just like other design layouts. Take a long room layout, for instance. If you have a long space, the first thing you must do is ensure you have at least 800mm gap in between of the separate zones and completely avoid making the space tv-focused – always position your tv in the opposite side of your window while at the same time keeping clutter to a minimum.

More tips to avoid poor looking layout

If one of the spaces you combine belong to a living room, an oversized rug is a great decorative item to mark out the space. Another tips to create that distinctive connection when incorporating an open-plan layout is by repeating the use of textures and colors throughout the space, while adding a greenery of some sort into the adjacent space is a perfect way to create a pleasant open plan living for small home.

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