Open Master Bathroom to Bedroom Ideas

master bedroom ideas with bathroom and wood ceiling also chandelier decor

It’s not uncommon to be able to see your bathroom or shower from your bed, but what if there is no wall whatsoever to divide the bathroom and your bedroom? Master bathroom opens up to master bedroom concept is one interior design concept that has evolved and been making its way around the world, from boutique hotel to, now, a house. Whether you love the open plan concept, or you hate it, it’s actually quite brilliant. A few people hate the idea of an open plan because it lacks privacy, but that should not be an issue if you are designing the master bathroom opens up to master bedroom for yourself, right?

The fall of many bathroom walls

In recent years, the open plan master bathroom opens up to master bedroom has been adopted by luxury hotels as one of the luxuries it offers. While it does not make sense how the lack of walls can be considered as a luxury, the open plan really does deliver its claims. Luxuries aside, there are a few other advantages that you may get with such an open plan, and one of it is, without a doubt, a significantly increased space. This is extremely beneficial for those who are living in such a limited space, such as a small loft. Since there are no walls dividing the bedroom and bathroom, you have the ability to maximize the limited space you have – other than that, it also ensures a better light.

Open-plan bathroom/bedroom ideas

There is nothing more refreshing other than a cold shower right after you wake up – literally. With this master bathroom opens up to master bedroom design, you may get out of bed and walk a few steps to your bed-side tub to shower. You may place your bed right beside the window, and to the opposite side of your bed, you may elevated the floor a little bit to give it a stage-like look. Strategically place your hot tub and lavish shower there. If you still don’t have the courage to knock down all the walls, you may opt for a transparent glass wall in order to divide your bedroom with your bathroom – there may still be a wall separating the two rooms, but the clear glass is not noticeable at all. Those living in a limited space may also adopt this alternative to master bathroom opens up to master bedroom plan as it still makes your space looks much bigger.


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