Try the New Trends of Interior Design for 2017

good bedroom with upholstered headboard and cushions also bedside table

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Some peoples have interest to design their own house or buildings with the latest design that can bring satisfy from the owners. We will welcome the new year of 2017 in next months. The trends of anything start appear for next year that you can try as your reference. The most common is the interior trends you’ll be loving in 2017 if you have any plans to redesign or build a new house. You cannot only place some marble or copper homewares to decor your interior design. This is so old school and you will need some new touch to create the new shade in your house. Decide the suit interior designs that meet with your taste can become hard things to decide. You can ask help for the professional that can give you the best solutions for the best interior design for your house. You need to reconsider about your family taste as well.

There are some new trends of interior design for 2017 that you can choose as a reference, they are:

  1. Using corks.

You may feel unusual about using cork in your home design. Some expert said that cork can increase the warmness and space more for texture. This cork also effective to absorb the noise. You can use cork in your base coffee table with the stone combination and the solid cork for your bench or tables as well.

  1. Get the terracotta tiles.

The terracotta tiles can create your warmer shade and replace the popular color, such as: black and white colors. Some expert stated that you can use the terracotta tiles as a nature matte and use for feature wall in your bathroom or your cladding fireplace as well. You do not need to color your fireplace.

  1. Get the upholstered headboards

Your bedroom interior design will change in year of 2017. The upholstered headboards can replace the woody frame that becomes popular in current time. This upholstered headboard can give the luxury bedroom nuance with classic models and neutral color as well. you can add velvet for your more luxury effect.

  1. Drak green colors.

The dark green will be the new trend that you have to get as your latest interior design. You can use the dark green color for your bedroom to create the winter season that you can use as a background as well. In the other choice, you can use the chair features such as pillow or decoration stuffs with the dark green colors. It is can increase the deeper look and bring the nature colors.

Some ideas above can be the interior trends you’ll be loving in 2017. After we know the next trend you have to say good bye from the latest interior trend that became popular in year of 2016, some of them:

  • Using the watery pastels.

  • Using the naked windows.

  • All white rooms or black and white rooms.

  • Using the tiled countertops.

  • Using the chevron pattern.

  • Give the accent walls.

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