3 Basic Rules to Create Modern Living Room Decor

Modern Living Room Decor with ceiling lamp and contemporary curtains also sofa

If you are looking for modern living room décor but you don’t know where to start, then read our tips below of 3 basic rules to help you décor your house. Some people may focus directly on the furniture, theme, or color. But there are more than just thinking about the interior design. You should consider the basic things that people may forget. So what are they?

Make your room more spacious

First thing first, you need to step back couple steps and look at the rooms in your house that already filled with furniture and other accessories. In order to make the room more spacious, get rid of furniture that you think is outdated, too small, damaged, too large, or do not have any function. If you really don’t have any idea what you are going to do with that and you don’t want to throw it away, just put them somewhere else (attic is better). Now, let’s move to the next step after you make your rooms bigger!

Tip: you can donate your unwanted furniture or have a garage sale. Your junk can be someone else’s diamond.

Choose a color scheme

In creating a perfect tone to the room, you need color. Mostly, green and blue will give you calming effect. Meanwhile, vibrant colors including red, oranges, and yellow can make your room more alive. On the other hand, neutral colors including gray, tan, and white, are the amazing blank canvas for bold, bright, accent. Your favorite color can be the perfect choice because you would love to see the room every day.

Tip: there are many paint websites that give you free trial to try any color scheme in a room

Find your ideal style

By reading magazines or blogs, you will find a style that describes you the best. Pinterest can be one of your sources to find the right style. You may like country interior design if you love slipcovered seating and painted wood. Or you may like mid-century interior design if you love exposed wood grains and clean lines. After you get the right style, now it’s time to do the fun part: shopping new decoration and furniture!

Tip: during the purchasing process, you have to stick with your style. If you like modern style, don’t buy a traditional sofa. It will not make the room beautiful!

So, have you decided what are you going to do of modern living room décor you dream about? Happy decorating!

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