Important Tips About Modern Colour Schemes For Living Room

Important Tips About Modern Colour Schemes For Living Room

For those who become couch potato, living room must be a room where they mostly spend their time at home. Besides, because living room is also the center of home, we need to design living room well in order to give a good atmosphere. That’s why we are here, below, we are going to share with you about modern colour schemes for living room that you can follow.

Combine neutral colours with accents

As we know, neutral colours – white and grey – have a capability to make the atmosphere in a room nice, especially for living room. Besides, we don’t need to be worried about unmatched style. Here, we can add some accents on walls to emphasize the style. When it comes to the modern style, putting accessories is great idea. Whether you will put wall paintings or other stuffs, your living room will be more alive and look bold.

Try to apply pastel colours

If you are a person who loves to calm or relax feeling, pastel colours will be suitable for you. Yup, pastel colours can give calm and relax feeling. But, there is a thing that you need to know about this idea. What is it? It will be overbearing and also too feminine if you purely use pastel colours. So, to avoid such a thing, you can choose plain base colour like beige or white, and only use pastel as features in your living room. It doesn’t mean that you need to apply your walls with full pastel colours, but use it only as features.

Pink, is it great?

A perception about this colour is, people think that pink is only for teens. But, nowadays, pink is the color which is mostly applied in living room scheme. Moreover, this has become a trend. Here, what makes this colour awesome is, it has a capability to give an aesthetic vibe. There is a thing that you need to know, pink we are talking about in this idea is pale pink. If you combine this kind of colour with neutral colours, an aesthetic title for your living room will be soon gained.

Try to add copper accents

Another trend which you can follow is using copper accents in living room. In this idea, it is all about accessories and furnitures. Besides, what we accentuate is about the material, which is copper. If your living room has neutral colours for the base colour, then this idea will be great to apply. Lastly, this one of modern colour schemes for living room will make your living room bold.

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