Mixed Patterns Decor Idea and Tips

mixed pattern decor idea with birthday background

MIXED PATTERNS decor idea may seem like a good idea on paper, not only does it give you the opportunity to mix the patterns you are interested in, it also gives your space the kind of visual aesthetic and depth that no other has ever seen before. However, while mixing the patterns of your interest can be easy, making the decor look pleasant in the end is unfortunately nowhere near easy. Will you end up with a lovely custom look just like how you envision it to be? Or will you end up with a jarring and an extremely uncoordinated decor? We know how worrying the second prospect is, but don’t let it stop you from being creative! With the following guidelines, you will be able to mix patterns like a professional!

The importance of odd numbers and scales

When coming up with a MIXED PATTERNS decor idea, you must consider to only incorporate an odd number of pattern combination as they tend to work well. Professionals suggest to start with 3 different patterns in 3 different scales, and try 5 once you’ve mastered the art. Speaking of scales, incorporating different scales is imperative as to avoid them from clashing – remember, we want them to complement each other as opposed to compete with one another.

A few more valuable tips

It’s worth noting that large patterns look incredible for large pieces such as the wallpaper or rug, but if you work with pieces of the same size, what you must do is equally balancing the scales of your patterns in order to avoid that dreaded lop-sided effect. When considering the colors, it’s important to stick with hues of the same consistency. While you’re encouraged to get creative with your MIXED PATTERNS decor idea, solid jewel tones and lovely pastel hues don’t work well together.

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