Unique and Beautiful Mirror Décor Ideas for Spacious Space

lovely mirror decor and good cabinet

Mirror is usually used to make small room appear larger because it can reflect lights and make the room looks brighter. However, what most people often forget is the fact that mirror is very versatile and it can decorate basically every kind of room, including the spacious one. Decorating a big room with mirrors is actually easier compared to decorating small room. There are a lot of spaces to play with so basically you can do anything you like. But you still need to be careful because mirror is a very strong decorating item. If you put it in the wrong place it can mess up the entire decoration. Now, to help you decorate your big room, here are some mirror décor ideas for spacious space that you will absolutely love.

  • Use It as the Focal Point

The main key in decorating a spacious room is to create a focal point. The size of the room will make your eyes wander and if there is no strong design point there, it is possible that the room will look messy and some decorations out of place.

Mirror can be the focal point your big room needs. To make mirror as a focal point, simply put a large mirror in the right space. Large mirror can also be a good focal point in small room. It is best if the mirror has beautiful and unique frame or shape so it can easily grab people’s attention.

  • Put It across the Window

Unlike other decoration items that can be placed beautifully anywhere, positioning is really important for mirror. No matter how small it is, you should not put the mirror beside the windows. Two reflecting elements in one side can be very overwhelming, not to mention overlapping each other.

If you are looking for a great place to hang your big mirror, spare a space right across the window and your room will be more exquisite than ever. The window will be directly reflected by the mirror and you can guess what will happen next. It will feel as if the room has two windows that will make your room looks brighter.

  • Use Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture is very popular nowadays and it can be a great alternative for the traditional mirror decoration. No matter how big your room is, it will still feel cramped and cluttered if you put big furniture in the room. Mirrored furniture can create an illusion that the furniture is not actually there. Thus, your big room will still feel spacious even if you put a lot of big size furniture there.

  • Use the Mirror as Wall Art

This one is definitely one of the cleverest mirror décor ideas for spacious space. Mirror now comes with a lot of shapes, frames, and mirror backsplash is even available now. So, instead of putting it only to see your reflection, you can use several small mirrors and create wall arts with them. However, there is one thing you need to pay attention to. It is best to group the mirror together instead of scatter them in several places. Watch for what the mirror reflects as well so the room will look neat and beautiful.

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