Tips to Build Minimalist Inground Pool

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Building an inground pool can be hard or easy, depends on how large the pool you want to build. However, building a pool will be better to be handled by a professional in order to get a proper and maximum result as you want. For you who have limited spaces at your house, you can still have an inground pool by building the minimalist one. Here are the tips to build a minimalist inground pool.

Make Sure the Pool Size Ideal

The first tip is you have to make sure that the size of the pool is ideal. For the sake of your comfort, a minimalist pool should fulfill the standard size. The minimum size of a minimalist pool is 6m x 2m. To fulfill this standard size, the minimum spaces available must be 8m x 2m. If you do not have enough spaces, you are able to build a minimalist flowing pool as an alternative.

Choose A Skimmer System As the Irrigation System

Generally, there are 2 pool irrigation systems; the skimmer system and overflow system. If you choose the right and proper irrigation system, you do not have to replace the water of the pool. The filter machine featured in the irrigation system will automatically clean the minimalist pool. The overflow system needs a water circulation tool named balancing tank. This tool requires a large enough area because it will drain water to the edge of the pool. On the other hand, the skimmer system does not require a balancing tank to function. So that it is more suitable for a minimalist inground pool.

Use Rough Textured Materials On the Surface

Various ceramics with unique patterns can indeed decorate your pool. But, does it have the right functions? For the area around a minimalist inground pool, avoid using a floor coating that has a slippery surface because it can endanger the users when they go up on the pool surface. Instead, choose materials which have rough textures such as decorative stones or pebbles.

Check the pH Level and Add Chlorine Regularly

Though you do not have to drain the pool water because of the drying machine featured in the irrigation system, you still need to regularly check the pH level at least once in a week. You also need to add chlorine every month because it affects the water condition and the users’ skins when you are building an inground pool.

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