Tips Master Bedroom to Optimise Light and Space That Work Effectively For Small Space

Master bedroom with pillow and corner chair and small curtain window also wall art decor

Master bedroom is the sanctuary where you can rest your body after your busy activities all day long or do anything comfortably in private. Besides, it becomes the place that can re-energize you when you open the eyes in the morning. The way you decorate this room without being affected by how big it is will create significant difference to the mood. It should not only become the room with inspiring relaxation but also come with good storage. However, one of the big challenges in decorating this space is small bedroom. Thus, you need some tips master bedroom to optimise light and space.

Lit the space with perfect lighting

Great lighting should include multiple sources. Those who like reading in the bed, you can consider using swing-arm in one side of the bed to provide task lighting. Overhead lighting becomes great source for illuminations for all directions in the bedroom as well as creates perfect dim for different light levels. In order to, emphasize the bed as the main feature of the room, you can use the effects of lighting. This will create illusion of bigger space. Rather than screwing up the flow in the room with a grand chandelier, you had better to use recessed lighting for more rampant lit or twin hanging lights for both sides of bed for warmer lighting. Even lamps offer soft light; you need avoid any clutter due to big lamp stands or bases. Besides using lamps, you can optimise the lighting in the bedroom with larger mirror that can be hung on the wall opposite the window. Mirror is not only effective to reflect natural light so that it creates larger space visually. Another thing which works well to optimise the light in master bedroom is using lightweight or sheer drapes to treat the windows.

Maximize the storage

When you have small bedroom, you should not only optimise the lighting but also the space. Thus, instead of using ottoman in your limited space, you had better considering a bench with storage so that it provides multiple functions. By using multifunction furniture, you can save much space in the small bedroom. Since narrow bedroom commonly cannot support a chest, many people tend to ask help from designers to create the closet which fit perfectly with the size of bedroom. This also becomes one of the effective tips master bedroom to optimise light and space.

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