Look! The blue sky and blue ice

bright kitchen with ice blue wall paint and curve faucet

image via: benjaminmoore.com

Look up to the sky and talk to yourself, “Let’s try ice blue tones on your kitchen cabinets!”

Have you heard or known what ice blue color is? Surfing on the internet and you will get lost. To find the exact color chart for ice blue tone is hard to do. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll finally find that the ice blue is a slight lighter than the blue sky.

Once you have the ice blue tone of the wall paint, you will get more passionate and energized. It gives you the scent of the beach. The clear sky above you, the wonderful waves in front of you and beautiful wind breezes you.

Color and Personality

Most people have known that colors they like as the favorite ones can represent their personalities. Some say also that the room color will affect your every day. The mood and the thoughts you have may be influenced by the color.

You can search on the internet that the marketers, sellers or merchants have tried to paint their stores with specific color for increasing their selling rates. For example in the restaurant, the best color to have is bright and bold colors. Mostly people use red. And red can make people get hungrier more and more. It means the store’s demand is increasing, doesn’t it?

The variations of the wall paint shades play important role in decorating. Different and wrong color will demotivate the members of the house. This is the reason to choose the decorating colors wisely.

What trends?

Don’t worry about the trends. You don’t have to follow it. Trends will come and go. So, make your own trends, capture it and share to others. These days, a lot of housewives who have cute, unique or creative home decoration post their house’s photos.

They make their own trends. They make the house based on their personalities and preferences. It is the example that trends are not always from famous interior designers or architects. The popular themes nowadays are Scandinavian and monochrome. You can follow these two big themes but better to modify more with your style.

Try Ice Blue Tones on Your Kitchen Cabinets

You can have your new style on decorating the house by using unusual tone like the ice blue. You can try to put the color on the wall or little touch on your furniture such the kitchen cabinets.

Placing the ice blue color in your house will give positive effects around the house. As the ice blue is included in light color category, its color will make your rooms seem larger and wider. The pastel look from the ice blue, in fact, can receive more natural light that make your rooms seem brighter.

Moreover, the blue color itself will help to decrease the blood pressure and slow the heart rate and respiration. In simply, this color makes you more serene, more relaxing and calming.

Get More Colors

To add livelier look and feel inside your house, you still need other colors to beautify your rooms. You can put whatever colors that go contrast with the ice blue tone. But the recommendation for you to try ice blue tones on your kitchen cabinets are around the shades of the color of white, dark blue, black, and brown.


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