Mid Century Modern Living Room Wall Decor

big windows livingroom wall decor to inspired you

Modern mid century style is influenced by the concept back in the fifties. This kind of style is attractive to be applied as one of the living room wall decor ideas. Here are some inspirations if you want to get one.

  1. Choose wall chandeliers to be placed in the walls of your living room. The chandeliers will bring dramatic look to the room. For the modern style, combine the chandeliers with geometric patterned walls. You can paint the walls or apply wallpapers to get the geometric pattern.

  2. Paint all white the walls of your living room, and place black photo frames to get the modern style. For the mid century style, combine the monochrome walls with brown living room furniture. Place a rug with geometric pattern to make the modern mid century style in your living room even stronger.

  3. Paint your living room walls with herringbone pattern, or apply wallpaper with that pattern if you think painting walls is too hard. Do not afraid to place 2 sofas with different shapes and different sizes in your living room. Add hanging lamp in the corner of your living room to make it looks dramatic in the night.

  4. The main characteristic of modern mid century style is the presence of big windows. The function of these big windows is so that all the parts of your living room get enough sun lights. This way you are able to save electricity. Combine white big windows with brown leather sofa.

  5. You do not have to always choose brown color to get modern mid century style. You can also pick blue color. Paint the walls in your living room with blue and white, and combine it with blue living room furniture. The blue color will bring soft and cheerful touches to your living room. Place your favorite paintings to complete this modern mid century living room wall decor ideas.

  6. To instantly get modern mid century look in your living room, have exposed brick walls. The exposed brick walls will be the focal point in the room. Combine it with wooden living room furniture to bring warm and natural touches. Add arco lamp as your living room wall decoration.

You can also pick other colors such as olive green, mustard, orange, yellow, and grey to have modern mid century look. This kind of look is great to be applied in spacious living room.

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