Living Room Paint Ideas for Any Space

contemporary livingroom with fireplace and mirror decor

Your color in any space provides you with great evocative. You can find out how paint is one of essential to build up your personality, mood and style in your decoration. In this point, you will need living room paint ideas that inspire you.

You are able to make your living room get a new look with touch of paint. This might be one of expensive ways to update or decorate your room. You can check these great paint colors below to inspire you. When you are choosing a color, you can consider at how much sunlight that will be received throughout the day inside your living room and consider about your other light sources as well. They are important to check before start painting your living room.

Purple tones

You can make your living room get unique vibe by establishing a dusty purple in your space. This color is so tempting and rich, it also gives you with luxury look as well. You can consider choosing matt finish for your purple paint and do not forget to bring more textures in your space. Dusty purple will look great with the off-white pieces or classic style pieces as well. If you want to get modern vive, then you can combine it with gray shade.

Clean white

You can give a great effect in your interior by using white walls and make your non-white furniture become a star inside your living room. White color provides you with much light and energy while it can reflect other attentions. You can add some colored fabrics, pictorials, frames and striped upholstery that can complement these white walls in great way.

Nature tones

Not all of the bolder colors are hero colors for attention seekers out there. You can choose soft schemes between great and brown that makes your room looks warmer and smoother. Plus, they blend very well with other colors, so you are able to use many accents as well. Nature palettes might be one of the most favorite living room paint ideas.

Powder pink shade

We all know that powder pink is very calming shade, perfect to make a clean space in your living room. You can use this color to add soothing feeling and few fresh hues to upgrade your living room, from simple country look to glamour vibe. You can balance powder pink in your walls along with soft tones, such as caramel, soft brown, and so on.

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