Inspiring Living Room Interior Design Photo Gallery

livingroom interior design ideas with sofa and wood coffe table

Are you currently looking for a living room interior design photo gallery? Good for you because you will find many of inspiring pictures of gorgeous living room here. We all know that living room is an essential room in a house. It is the room where guests are seated and probably also the room to hangout with family and friends. That is why decorating your living room at home is important and the living room interior design photo gallery below will give you great inspiration.

1.             Classic Living Room Interior Designs

Some of the living room pictures shown are using the classic theme. Classic living room never gets old. In fact, the classic theme is getting more and more popular over the years. Classic living room uses a lot of different elements such as big drapes on the window, thick carpet, chandeliers, and other classic items. Classic living room is better to be used when you have a big, massive house. This particular theme will not work well if you have small house or apartment because the numerous decorative elements of classic living room will just cramp the room and makes it look less interesting.

2.             Contemporary Living Room Interior Designs

Besides the classic theme for the living room, some of the living room pictures shown here are also using the counterpart theme of the classic. Yes, it is the contemporary theme. Contemporary is basically a modern theme with furniture in unique shapes, metalic colors (sometimes even overly bright and neon colors), and more freestyle decorative elements. This theme is great for small living room in small apartment. This theme is also more loved by young people.

3.             Custom Living Room Interior Designs

Some pictures of living room here have neither classic nor contemporary design. It is because they use custom designs. Custom design is more exclusive because it is very personal. It can be different from one homeowner to another when it comes to decorating their living room. Custom interior design use accent walls of the homeowner’s preferred colors, more framed pictures and decoration, and so on.

Considering that living room needs to be decorated properly, you really need to get inspired by some of those pictures above. Make sure that you have a great theme for the living room, just like the living rooms in the gallery above. Also, do not forget to give your living room the right decorative elements so that your living room can be as pretty as the ones shown in the living room interior design photo gallery above.


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