Living Room Design Ideas to Welcome Your Guest

Living Room Design Ideas to Welcome Your Guest

It can be difficult to decorate living room if you take inspiration from wonderful examples. These living room design ideas will help you to get beautiful and functional place to welcome guest.

Don’t forget the focal point

Make a centre stage in the living room through a fireplace or panorama. Use neutral colours to paint the wall which can be a cue from any views you can see outside the windows. You can use similar colours for the furniture and sofa. The flames from the fireplace as focal point not only personalize the look of the room but also create warm feeling. Emphasize the seating area grouping by placing patterned rug beneath it. Strengthen the colour of the rug by choosing pillow with similar colour.

Fit the living room size

When decorating any room, you should consider the size of it to create the best design. For instance, for small living room, you can create it in flirty and feminine style. You can decorate this small space in apartment style by placing modern glass table and combine it with airy ottomans that do not take much space in the living room. Include fabrics with prim and interesting patterns in this room such as through curtains or sofa slipcover.

Make a layer

Living room can be designed beautifully by placing special objects in different level. You can divide the space into low, mid, and high and position any items to make your eyes more pleasurable. For instance, you can place faux animal skin over the rug to create attraction underneath. For the middle level, you can add tray on top of the table and pillows with vibrant colour. Besides, for the high level, bright canvas, interesting sconce shades, and standing lamp to make the layers more visible.

Classic decoration

Some people like something classic when it comes to home decoration including living room. When you want this room to look both classic and stylish, you can start by using neutral shades as the dominant colour in the room. Create monochrome space by combining velvet upholstery sofa with lighter linen. Use two tone rug with two dominant colours in the room. Add white colour to support the classical style. However, you can make the space more fashionable by using solid colours and patterned pillows. This classical theme can be applied into your living room if you haven’t got any living room design ideas.

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