Living Room Color Ideas – How To Choose The Right Color

How To Choose The Right Color for livingroom

Living room is a place which becomes the center of our house, we know it. But, what we accentuate here is when we can make our living room look awesome. Here, we have some tips about living room color ideas.

Choosing the right color

The right color in this case, is color which is suitable with the design of your house, especially your living room. After that, you can choose color which can bring a good atmosphere in your living room. Here, you also need to consider the character and the tone. How you use this room, can affect the atmosphere as well. So, it is important to know what kind of living room you have.

The lighting

When it comes to the lighting, you can consider whether or not the sun light is important for your living room. Here, sun light will gives the color of living room become more alive. For example, bright tones are great in the sun light – especially emerald green or sapphire blue. On the other hand, if your home is designed with minimalist modern, lighting is very important. So, sun light will be very useful because it makes your home look great.

The rule of living room color

This idea may be strange for you. But, if you want to make an awesome living room, you can try this kind of tips. Here, there is a color ratio that you need to follow. The ratio is 60% for dominant color – 30% for seconday color – 10% for accent color. The dominant color should be a color which gives a good atmosphere in living room. Besides, make sure that you choose the right color which is suitable for this room. The last thing you must consider is, 3 colors you choose should coordinate well with one another.

Look at your furnitures

Another important thing in color ideas for living room is furnitures. Why? Because furnitures should be matched with the main color in living room. Here, nice composition is a thing that we consider in this case. So, furnitures also have contribution in making nice living room. Living room in modern styled house usually show bright or monochrome color. So, the furnitures’ color don’t need to be too colorful.

After knowing living room color ideas, you can implement the tips we have shared with you above. Here, what we can say is, you need to know your style and your ambience. It is important to express your feeling when it comes to art. As we know, aesthetic is about perspective, so just make sure you can make a great composition in your living room.

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