Easy Ways to Rock Living-Dining Combo Rooms Layout Plan

Living and dining room ideas with wooden dining furniture and flowers wall art decor

Living and dining room ideas are something interesting to learn and take a look at. If you have very limited space in your home or for example, you live in an apartment, this thing would be very useful and helpful. The living room and dining room could be a good pair because you can always talk with your favorite people while the setting is not too formal like the usual dining room.

It can also be done by implementing an open floor plan, which is very popular lately. Open floor plans would be a stylish yet functional option. And in this article, we will show you how to rock an open floor plan for living and dining room ideas.

Stay away from the wall

The first rule is not laying back on the wall. Setting up the furniture arrangement in the center of the room or at least away from the wall would create such an intimate setting. You can talk comfortably while having an enjoyable meal session. It will also allow other people in the house to have enough space to move.

Define the seating area with a rug

Rugs are the items that will splash some colors to your room and it is applicable for the living and dining room. But it is important to make sure that the rug is adequate for all pieces of the furniture. The furniture in the seating area should settle on the same rug. If you utilize an open floor plan, this thing is crucial after all.

Involve your favorite elements

Talking about a combo room or an open floor plan, it would be nice and successful if you put a similar style to the room. Make sure that it is your favorite element. For example, you use a metal-legged chair in the living room and you should repeat the same element into another room in the kitchen or dining area. It will create such a continued space.

Pick a theme

No matter what room you are designing, it is important to pick a theme. A theme will allow you to stay on track and not out of the context. Other than that, a theme will make anything easier to pick decorative elements and accessories in the room. For example, you can stay with white and blue with a splash of soft yellow for a coastal theme. And this is the end section of things to know about living and dining room ideas.

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